The photo outlets are a challenging yet rewarding environment!

We are responsible for capturing and framing the memories of all the children and adults.

Your job will require you to be adaptable to different customers in the blink of an eye changing your selling techniques from teenagers to adults to young children all in a matter of minutes as customers off all ages come to see their amazing memoirs! It’s down to you, to sell them these memories and ensure you provide them with an energising and fun filled interaction at the same time.

In the Retail department, we reward those who push themselves to achieve as much as possible. These rewards are daily with meal vouchers and bonus points, and for those who succeed to sell, you will earn commission for upselling all the great memories.

A few of the Role Requirements you will need:

  • Self-motivation as you can be on a unit by yourself for extended periods of time.
  • Enthusiasm about the products your selling as they are memories to be cherished!
  • Confidence will allow you to sell more photos and earn more commission!
  • Adaptability to change your style of interaction and mixing up your sales techniques based on your customer’s needs.

Job Roles on the photos :

  • Interacting with a variety of customers
  • Handling money
  • Creating products for customers such as key rings, magnets, and photos in a folder
  • Cleaning the units, and ensuring stock is filled

These are just a few of the things you will need to succeed as a photos host. If ever in doubt ask!

“Everything we do can be taught, as long as you are willing to learn.” – Jake Young, Team Leader.