Axis – Challenge your fears

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Experience the intensity of Axis, our high-flying pendulum ride that’s guaranteed to turn your world on its head!

Take on your fears on our latest ride

It’s one of our newer arrivals, but Axis has quickly become a firm favourite amongst our regular guests. This fast-moving, pendulum-style ride swings, spins and twists its thrill-loving sitters upside down over 100ft in the air. 

Riders must be a minimum of 130cm tall and a maximum of 190cm (6ft 2) to ride Axis. Suitable for riders aged 10+. 

And now for some technical stuff

The technical name of our newest signature ride is SBF Maxi Dance Party 360… but we didn’t think it was catchy or fun enough to call the ride this! It measures at 30.7m or 100.7ft tall, which is even taller than to Southend Observation Tower right next to it! In fact, it’s so tall, it can be seen from over 1km away – and that’s hardly surprising when you look at the incredible lighting upgrade that we have added!

And you won’t find it anywhere else in the UK!

That’s right, this stomach-churning, thrill-seeker’s dream of a ride is the only one of its kind in the UK! So if you want to experience the sheer ferocity of the mighty Axis, head down to Adventure Island in Southend and give it a go. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

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Axis – Challenge your fears