Archelon – I’m so dizzy!

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Take on your fears on our latest ride

Everyone loves the weightless thrills of a traditional wave swinger – and Archelon definitely delivers unforgettable sky-high sensations! Our version is named after the largest turtle that ever swam the oceans of the Earth.

Guests must be a minimum of 120cm to ride.

Dizzying Heights!

Archelon is one of the classic dizzying flat rides at Adventure Island and with its tamer nature, is often one of the first go-to rides for those freshly promoted to 120cm tall! We believe that there is no better way to test your ride independence than strapping yourself into those signature chain swings and getting ready to be dizzified!

Archelon History

Did you know that the Archelon was the biggest type of turtle to ever roam the Earth, and lived around 80million years ago in North America? They could grow up to 4.60m (15ft) in length and 4m (13.1ft) in width! Due to their immense size, they were quite slow movers when on land, making them particularly vulnerable to predatory dinosaurs – but don’t worry, there are no dinosaurs at Adventure Island!

Don’t Stop Here


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Archelon – I’m so dizzy!


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