Rage – Taking you faster than you’ve been before

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Check out the loops and turns of Southend’s biggest and best rollercoaster, Rage at Adventure Island.

Loop, spin and hold on tight it’s time to take on the Rage!

Manned by Captain Rageman, it’s the biggest and best rollercoaster that Adventure Island has to offer – and with its loops, twists and flat-out speeds, Rage is guaranteed to leave even the most experienced rider short of breath and lost for words!

Guests must be a minimum of 120cm to ride. 

An original of its kind!

Rage was one of the very first rollercoasters to have a more than vertical drop to be built in the UK, making it very unique! It was also the very first model of its kind in the UK. Its 97 degree drop at the start of the ride gives a true spine-tingling experience that is guaranteed to get the heart racing.

An instant hit!

When Rage was constructed in 2007, it instantly grabbed and held the attention of many, including theme park enthusiasts and media outlets alike! In fact, we had long-standing BBC show Blue Peter come down in 2009 and try it out. They loved it so much that they officially gave it the title of the UK’s most thrilling rollercoaster, beating similar rides at Thorpe Park and Flamingo Land!

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