Working as a Cashier Host tests your understanding and knowledge of the park during all times of the season. Whether its fast paced during the summer or slightly quieter during our winter period, the cashier role can be very rewarding where no day is ever the same!


In the Cashier department, we reward those who push themselves to achieve as much as possible. These rewards are daily with meal vouchers and bonus points, and for those who succeed to sell, you will earn commission for upselling the fantastic upgrades we offer that will make our guests day out even better!

A few of the Role Requirements you will need:

  • Self-motivation when it comes to selling during the quieter seasons
  • A sense of urgency during our faster paced seasons
  • Enthusiasm about the products your selling!
  • Confidence will allow you to sell more upgrades and earn more commission!
  • Adaptability to change your style of interaction and mixing up your sales techniques based on your customer’s needs.

Job Roles of Cashiers :

  • Welcoming guests, answering their questions, and providing advice or recommendations.
  • Operating scanners, tills, cash registers, and other electronics.
  • Accepting payments, ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate and proving a receipt to every customer.
  • Enhancing Guest’s experience
  • Training new staff
  • Maintaining a clean workspace.


With working on Cashiers not only will you have experience with tills, but your social skills and confidence will definitely sky rocket!


“Working with Adventure Island is not just a job, but an experience!”