Complaints policy

If you experience a reason for complaint during your visit, please visit Customer Services, which is located on the West side of the Park, near the American Whip.

If Customer Services are not able to immediately resolve the issue, you will be required to submit a formal complaint in writing by emailing [email protected].

Once a formal complaint is received, it will be investigated fully by the relevant managers, which may include reviewing park-wide CCTV. It is our aim to respond to all complaints within 30 working days, however, if further evidence is required to complete an investigation, it may take longer.

If you choose to publish your complaint on any public platforms, including social media, prior to it being responded to, we reserve the right to cease the investigation of the complaint and you may not receive a response.

If you decide to contact an external body regarding your complaint, such as The Health & Safety Executives (HSE), the police, independent solicitors etc., we will only have further correspondence directly with the relevant external body.