COVID-19 policy

Here at Adventure Island, we are following government and local council guidelines and advice, ensuring that we are covid compliant and keeping our staff and guests safe. We are also taking advice from the industry governing bodies to ensure best practice.

Annual Passes

As our Annual Pass holders have not been able to make full use of their passes due to forced closures, we will be extending all active Annual Passes for the amount of time each pass has lost, allowing further use in the 2021 season.

Controlling entry

Due to controlling numbers into the park, you will be required to wait at the entrance before you enter. This is being done to assist social distancing, enabling Track & Trace and to create space at the sales areas. We appreciate your patience whilst we serve everybody.

To assist the flow of entry, please ensure you have downloaded the NHS Covid-19 app before visiting.

Increased Sanitisation and Cleaning

As standard, there will be a massive increase to our already excellent cleaning and sanitisation efforts. We will be applying a food-safe, weather resistant anti-microbe undercoat to all rides and frequently touched areas, including our soft play areas. This will cling to the surface and act as a safety blanket for up to 30 days. We will be re-applying this roughly every 20 days to ensure it is always present.

On top of this, we will be briefly pausing the rides every 2 hours for sanitising.

Increased Sanitisation and Cleaning

We have available 5 sanitisation stations at convenient locations as listed and in addition to this, sanitisation points strategically placed throughout the park. Whilst you’re more than welcome to use these, it is always recommended to bring your own.

Crooked House
Barnstormer/The Eatery
Adventure Inside tunnel
East Ticket Office
Over the Hill 2: Spooksville.

COVID-19 specific training

All departments throughout the company, including the restaurants associated with it (Clarence Yard, Sands by the Sea, Three Shells, Feelgoods, The Britannia) and Sealife Adventure have completed extensive COVID-19 specific risk assessments and training to ensure that every possible aspect has been covered to keep our guests and staff safe. These risk assessments have been given to each and every member of staff to be studied, as well the staff being trained and signed off on all measures.

Social Distancing

Whilst we try to ensure that all guests are social distancing wherever possible, it remains the responsibility of the visitor to ensure their group are following the guidelines. Signage is in place all around the park, including queuing areas, toilets, entrances and exits. To assist us with this, please be sure to keep a couple of steps away from others outside of your group.

We will also maintain social distancing on the rides wherever we can, by leaving empty seats between groups. Due to this, please expect waiting times to be slightly longer than usual.

Online Bookings

We’re making it easier for you to get your wristbands for cheaper. We are allowing our wristbands  to be booked and used on the same day, regardless of the time that they were booked. This is to not only save you at least 20%, but to reduce the number of cash and card transactions in the park and reduce the amount of contact between our staff and guests. Online bookings are still open-ended, meaning that once they are booked, they can be used at any time until the end of the year.

Protective Screens

We are installing protective screens to limit staff and customer contact whilst completing transactions. Please note that we will still have to make contact when we fit your wristband.

Be Kind

 As the UK’s no. 1 free admission fun park who specialises in family fun, we want all of our guests to feel happy and safe at all times, so please respect other visitors and staff during your visit. 


We would love you to visit, but if you have any symptoms that could be COVID- 19, please don’t. We would also advise guests to exercise additional caution if they have underlying health conditions which make them vulnerable to COVID -19.

By purchasing wristbands (whether online, in-park or other) the visitor certifies that they are aware of and accept the following Terms & Conditions regarding COVID-19.

  1. The visitor agrees that they, nor anyone in their party, are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. The visitor understands and accepts that the attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to any person showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. The visitor understands that we are controlling numbers in the park which may result in longer queues than usual.
  4. The visitor understands that there are reduced entrances and exits and they may be required to queue to enter the park.
  5. The visitor understands that if they leave the premises and wish to return, they may be required to queue to be re-admitted.
  6. The visitor agrees that their hygiene and sanitisation is their own responsibility.
  7. The visitor agrees to follow all government social distancing guidelines at all times.
  8. The visitor agrees to wear facial coverings in all required areas.