Stockvale Ltd. Filming agreement

Thank you for your interest in filming with Stockvale.

In order for us to decide if we are able to facilitate your filming project, and what its cost will be, we ask you to answer as fully as possible a series of logistical questions about your requirements – please find these on the form below.

There are certain restrictions on filming with Stockvale, so when filling out the form please bear in mind the following points:

  • Any filming after 10pm will incur further charges
  • Filming is permitted outside opening hours by special arrangement, but this will incur additional charges to cover staffing costs
  • Filming is permitted during normal opening times, and these vary by season. Please visit the relevant website for the opening times on the day you wish to film.
  • Crews must adhere to the Stockvale health and safety code at all times during filming
  • No attractions may be interrupted without prior agreement
  • All electrical equipment being brought in will require a current PAT test certificate. PAT tests can be arranged by us at an additional cost.
  • Wherever possible we will try to provide a parking space, but this cannot be guaranteed.

You will be required to sign a copy of the Stockvale filming contract before your arrival at the site to undertake any filming

Please note that we require this form, completed in full, to be returned to us no less than 10 days before you wish the filming to take place. If you return the form less than 10 days before your proposed filming date, then it is unlikely that we will be able to facilitate your filming.

We are also unable to give you an accurate cost for your filming until this form has been completed in full. Also, additional filming requested later will be subject to a separate charge.

Please note that the fee will be based on the amount of verbal or on-screen credit given to Stockvale in the final production. The credit and/or use of the company logo must make it clear that the location is the relevant Stockvale company in Southend-on-Sea, as opposed to any other attraction.

The production company must provide Stockvale with a DVD of the completed production within two weeks of it being aired.

For queries please call us on 01702 443400.

    Please state your company and the channel the programme will be aired on (e.g. BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4, Channel 5)

    Contact Details

    If you are based overseas, please state the country and include any international dialling codes

    Please tell us the duration of the production, the nature of the production (i.e. documentary, children’s TV, soap opera) and when it is going to be broadcasted.

    Please explain the context within which the Stockvale will appear, and also give an estimate of how much time will be dedicated to Stockvale

    If yes, please explain how Stockvale will be credited, e.g. verbal credit, on-screen credit etc

    Please note the time restrictions outlined above. Most of the Stockvale companies are extremely busy during peak season so we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you at the times requested

    Please be specific as possible in your answer – for more information on specific Stockvale companies and the location of attractions etc. please visit the relevant company’s website

    If yes, please state who and what has been discussed

    If yes, please state who you have in mind. Any contact with Stockvale staff should be organised through Marc Miller in the first instance

    Please list each piece

    All electrical items being brought on site will require a PAT test

    Please include presenters, interviewees, work experience etc

    We will require a copy of your PLI certificate. Please specify how much you are insured for.

    Please note that parking is council run and pay and display along the seafront. There are spaces directly outside the gates however on busy days, parking can be limited.