Lost property

Adventure Island is extremely committed to returning lost items to their owners. Any items that are lost on-site and found by a member of staff are handed in at Customer Services, which can be found on the West side of the park, near the American Whip. If you have lost any property whilst on-site, please contact Customer Services to report this. Please note, personal details will be taken at this point.

Once lost items are handed in, they will be kept in a secure location for 7 days. During this time, regular checks will take place to match up lost property to the lost property forms that have been completed. The owner will then be contacted to inform them that an item matching the reported description has been handed into us. At this stage, you will be asked to confirm any distinctive features to confirm that the item is yours.

Once the item is confirmed to belong to you, we will hold this item for 7 days. During this time, it will be placed in another secure location.

Claimed lost property will be kept for 7 days from the date it is claimed by the owner. If the item is not collected it will be donated to a charity of Adventure Island’s choosing. 

Any unclaimed or uncollected property after these times will be either disposed of or donated to a charity of our choice.

Points to note:

How to report lost property

If you have lost some property at Adventure Island within the last 7 days, please contact Customer Services by completing the below form.

Alternatively, they can be contacted by either calling 01702 443400 or emailing [email protected].

Lost Property Form