Recruitment at Adventure Island

Extrovert. Outgoing. Lively. Enthusiastic. Full of energy. These are just some of the traits we’re looking for in our staff.

Does this sound like you? Well, if you’re over 16 years old, you’ve officially left school after taking your GCSEs, and you’re ready for a new challenge at one of the oldest and best-loved fun parks in Essex, it’s time to explore the job vacancies here at Adventure Island.

Our main recruitment drive takes place between December and July. We recommend applying as early as you can, because the process can get competitive!  

Apply online using the form below.

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We do not share any data with any outside organisations, but may make your details available to one of our group Companies.

Working with us: an overview

Our mission is to “To make our guests the happiest they have ever been within the safest possible environment, to ensure their regular return and recommendation to others!” That can only happen through our incredibly enthusiastic staff, who are committed to deliver fun, laughter, joy, happiness and magic all day long. They are schooled in the exquisite art of entertainment! And put through their paces when it comes to the serious business of health & safety, where every team member is coached and assessed on a daily basis.

The perks

You’ll do well to find a team as happy as ours! We do everything we can to provide our staff with lifelong memories and experiences during their time with us – not to mention plenty of opportunities for growth and progression, along with those all-important bonuses.

Flexible hours

Fitting work around college or university? Bringing up a young family? Either way, we’ll help you put together a schedule that complements your lifestyle

Out of work events

From sports days to football tournaments, arcade competitions to nights out on the town, we’ll give you plenty of chances to have fun and develop strong bonds with your colleagues.

Staff discounts

As an Adventure Island employee, you automatically get 50% off meals in Stockvale’s top restaurants. You can enjoy massive discounts on wristbands and attraction admission fees, too.

The Stars League

Our very own reward system – which takes every role of department into consideration, including our back office and catering divisions – rewards the top 175 members with bonuses of up to £250. Our hardest-working employees can also bag the prize for Top Host of the Overall Season, which is another £250, and there are plenty of incentives for those who are looking to progress into leadership positions. We celebrate the year’s achievements at the end of the season at the Stockvale Star Awards, which is a great (and free!) opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy an evening with your work family!

What we need from you

If you’d like to join our outstanding company-wide team – whether as a ride host, cashier, arcade supervisor or something else entirely – we’d love to hear from you.

It’s important to mention that you will be in a customer-facing role. Regardless of the department you join, you will be responsible for delivering fun, laughter, joy, happiness, and pure magic to the public. Our customers’ experience really is in your hands, and that’s why we’ll expect you to:

Current vacancies

Please see below for a list of the jobs that are currently available at Adventure Island. If you would like to apply for a particular role, please mention this in your application.

Shift times vary. Please note that applicants over the age of 18 could be required to work 12 hour shifts.

If we ask you to come along for an interview, you will need to bring a passport and/or a full birth certificate and National Insurance number letter or card. For help obtaining your National Insurance details, click here.

Adventure Island

With a wide variety of rides in our park, you could learn to operate them all and should be able to adapt to each customer appropriately, making their experience memorable and magical, whilst keeping it safe at all times.

The Go Karts team are the track marshals for the Go Karts and Dodgems. The team are required to work in a fast-paced fun environment ensuring the guests have a safe and fun experience.

Photos staff are responsible for capturing and framing the memories of all the children and adults enjoying the rides and managing the sales of photo items.

Our Cashiers are responsible for the sales of our wristbands, tickets and annual passes, amongst being the first point of information for all guests.

The rangers play a key part in keeping our park clean and ready for all guests. As well as this, they are responsible for all the guests needs, so park knowledge is key.

Working within our security team covers a wide variety of responsibilities, such as resolving issues and dealing with first aids. It is essential you have good communication skills, are able to work within a team environment.

From becoming a character to hosting the shows, an Entertainment host provides fun, joy, laughter, happiness, and magic to our guest’s day.

Working within the Catering department, you will be offering excellent customer service as well as fast, fresh, and delicious food, whether it be on till or in the restaurant.

Our Arcades team are at the front of our family entertainment centres! You will be selling game cards and helping the customers with the varied machines from video to redemption machines.

Customer Services are there to help with any guest queries, as well as arrange bookings. This includes complaints, lost property, wristband problems and general queries

The bookings team arrange and organise bookings, such as school visits, group bookings, corporate events and work closely with charitable organisations to help them raise funds.

Sealife Adventure

Working within our security team covers a wide variety of responsibilities, such as resolving issues and dealing with first aids. It is essential you have good communication skills, are able to work within a team environment.
Our Admissions Team are responsible for the sales of our wristbands, tickets and annual passes, amongst being the first point of information for all guests.

Our incredible Aquarist Team hold talks and feeds throughout the day to provide information about our incredible animals of the centre.

Working within the Catering department, you will be offering excellent customer service as well as fast, fresh, and delicious food, whether it be on till or in restaurant.

Customer Services are there to help with any guest queries, as well as arrange bookings. This includes complaints, lost property, wristband problems and general queries

Stockvale Resturants

Working front of house you will be the face the customer sees, offering excellent customer service whether it be serving them at the till or taking their food and drink to them or cleaning their tables.

Working back of house you will be the person cooking the delicious food to the high standard that ensures the customer enjoys their meal.

As a Feelgoods singer you will be working either front or back of house within Feelgoods but you also get to perform to the entire restaurant and make the customers experience even more enjoyable.

Pay Rates









Rates above include holiday pay per hour of 12.07%.

For information regarding our gender pay gap policy click below.

Providing equal opportunities is at the top of our agenda

In 2020, the Stockvale Group was honoured to be presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. We were awarded this for Promoting Opportunity (Through Social Mobility)”.

This translates into actively giving everybody equal and every opportunity to succeed within the company and providing scope and opportunity for promotion and growth.

Stories from our staff

In 2020, the Stockvale Group was honoured to be presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. We were awarded this for Promoting Opportunity (Through Social Mobility)”.

This translates into actively giving everybody equal and every opportunity to succeed within the company and providing scope and opportunity for promotion and growth.

JackRides Supervisor
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I started in July 2016 as ride host for West Overs as one of my first real jobs. One day Jake Lewis (now my Acting Assistant Manager) approached me asking what my plan is and have I thought of leader, after spending the day thinking about those words I decided from that day on I was going to become a Team Leader. I then spent the Spring League proving I was a top performer pushing myself to the limit with Jake Lewis by my side. Then June comes around where I then received the position of Acting Team Leader.

The past year has been an upward climb where I have reached good level of leading capacity, however I am ever looking to improve myself for the better of the team and the company.

Education achievements through the company include, First Aid, IOSH and Fire Marshall. To all my leaders and team mates you are the ones that make this job what it is – so thanks to you.

But that's not the end of Jack's journey - Swipe along for the next chapter...
JackRides Acting Assistant Manager
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I guess to start things off we have to start at the beginning of it all. I was 18 fresh out of college and looking for a part time job to keep me going till I decided what I would want to do with my life. That's when I fell upon the lovely Adventure Island and ended up landing myself as a Ride Host for West Overs, over the weeks my confidence grew massively and it was during the Autumn league that Jake Lewis approached me and asked if I have ever considered Team Leader. I then began to work harder than I ever had before because I now wanted to become a leader at Stockvale.

In early June of 2017, I officially became an Acting Team Leader. I learnt West B as my first zone and have pretty much spent my time there since then, I've learned a lot about being a leader which has seen me reach great heights, last year I was promoted to Acting Supervisor where I oversaw West B take the stage at Stars 2019 and myself win top leader position. It was a monumental achievement and one the best nights of my life.

Over the past year and a half, things haven’t been normal as we all know, but I haven’t stopped learning. I have fully embraced the Admin leader role where I have learnt more than ever before, I have also started a new adventure of the Sealife variety where I have begun learning the POR role which has been a journey of just constant learning.

All while still actively leading my team as well as working with my hosts to become leaders for the future generations of West B.

As always with these bios, there needs to be shoutouts! So massive thank you to all the leaders who have been by my side throughout it all including Hollie and Bobby for running the West together. Next up is Jake Redfearn, Elysia and Elllis for their continued support, help and driving me to become a better leader. Last but not least Jake Lewis who set me on this path so many years ago, you have stood by my side since and have been a mentor to me throughout.

I am in no way perfect, but I am very happy to be receiving the chance to be an Acting Assistant Manager at Stockvale. Thank you all for making working here such an enjoyable experience.

Many thanks,

Jack Stockwell.
TommyRides Acting Team Leader
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Hello all! I'm Tommy from Rides Overs West. I originally started my journey at Stockvale all the way back in 2015 as a Ride Host on the ever-wonderful Ramba Zamba on West Overs before the split into A and B under the leadership of Jake Lewis and Arron Matthewman.

Over my numerous years working at Stockvale I have worked across both the Rides department and Security, where I came top of the department in 2016! Having worked here for many years I have countless fond memories and stories to tell. I've met some of the best people here and have made friends of life too. It is no exaggeration when we refer to one another as a family.

Along my journey to become an Acting Team Leader I have been driven, inspired and pushed by many a people, from my first two team leaders in Jake L and Arron who have taught me a great deal. Upon my return last summer, I was told straight away I had the capabilities to be one of the top hosts at the company by Mr Jack Stockwell who showed me nothing but support, drive and inspired me into finishing 4th in the summer league.

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to all my managers and performance leaders who have helped me throughout as well as all my now fellow TLs who have backed me and helped me immensely. And lastly a huge shout out to my fellow Westies who have been fantastic, now let's get us on that stage again! Here's to the start of an exciting new chapter and thank you for reading!

Much love - Tommy T
ZoeTreasury Acting Manager
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February 2011 I applied for what I thought was going to be a summer job to get me through college. I became a Ride Host at the young age of 17 and had a great season learning all the rides; I enjoyed it so much that I kept coming back.

After two seasons of Ride Host under my belt my third season came around and I became Rides Acting Team leader, after a few months I became Rides Team Leader and had my own team to work with. Fast forward another two seasons and with a lot more experience I had left the rides behind and became a Performance Leader, I went on to learn a few other departments and in turn how to score them. Being a Performance Leader was my path for around 2 ½ years and we are now in mid-2017 which is when I became the Acting Supervisor of the Treasury department, this was when I started learning a whole other side to Stockvale and a new set of skills.

After a few months’ work and getting to grips with the job it was now the end of 2017 and I became Treasury Supervisor. I have spent the past year as Treasury Supervisor and am very excited to start 2019 as the Treasury Acting Assistant Manager, all the different roles I have done have played a big part in helping me get to where I am now and just a quick thank you to Marc Miller, James Miller and even Jake Redfearn for the guidance and support over the past year and I can’t forget my little treasury team for being such a pleasure to work with.
MillieRides Team Leader
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I first joined the company in May 2017 as a ride host for the West overs A during my gap year. Whilst waiting to follow my dreams I fell in love with my job and everyone I worked with. After working my way to the top of my department with the help of my incredible leaders I became an acting Team Leader myself, and headed over to the photos team for the best part of a summer.

Over the past year and a bit I’ve been lucky enough to lead and work with so many great departments; photos, rangers, west overs A and b, west unders and adventure inside. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of my journey and have met so many incredible people along the way from the hosts all the way up to the management team, and can honestly say I’ve been changed for the better for having been here.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone single person who has helped me along the way. If I mentioned every name we’d be here forever because I simply have so many great things to say about all of you. However, a special mention has to go to: my first leaders Ciaran and Felix for shaping me into the best host I could be, Hollie for always providing that healthy competition, Kayla and Jamie for the incredible training and for welcoming me into their teams and to the incredible management team for believing in me and mentoring me every step of the way. I cannot wait to see what the future holds as a full team leader!
ElysiaRides Manager
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I would like to begin by saying that I am over the moon with being given the position of Manager. I said it last time but it really is crazy for me to think that 8 years ago I was awaiting my interview for my first ever job, and now I’m progressing in a job I can honestly say I love waking up to. Year on year there has been new challenges, new memories to be made. Not only have I made lifelong friends, I have also met my life companion!

The transition isn’t always easy from leading hosts, to then leading leaders and supervisor but I have an incredible team that made it that much easier for me, year after year. You are all truly incredible and honestly it is such a pleasure getting to know you all and working so closely with you. I also wanted to say thank you too Jake Lewis- leading with you is both a pleasure and as always keeps me on my toes! I would also like to say thank you too Jake Redfearn, thank you for not only your honesty, friendship and support throughout the years but for having a great partner to lead such an incredible team with. Finally, thank you too James Miller for the guidance throughout my journey with Stockvale, which without, I feel would have prolonged my journey.

It is true to say that hard work really does pay off, and I hope to continue inspiring others to reach their goal, and aspiring to be their best.
SophieActing Team Leader
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Well hello hello hello everyone.

My journey started all the way back in 2018 when I was thrown into the wonderful department of Rides East Unders. I waltzed in on my first day, was trained on the incredible Jumpin’ Jolly Rogers and my life completed changed. I instantly fell in love with being a ride host and with the incredible team that came along with it. Not long after I grew a bit older and found myself in the Rides East Overs department, which allowed me to finish off my training for all the rides on the East Side.

Most recently I did get the opportunity to broaden my horizons in the customer services team, with the lovely Larissa and Jacob. Thank you for helping me settle in, and welcoming me so warmly! You guys definitely made walking into a strange new environment so much easier.

It wouldn’t seem right talking about my journey without a special shout-out to the lights of my life, Matthew Mundy and Miss Isabelle Williams. You guys have helped me more than you could imagine during my 3 years at the Stockvale company! You guys make the rainy days seem the brightest, and it has been the biggest privilege to grow with you guys. So thank you both for being my reason to keep going, my rocks, and helping me stay positive.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Mr Ellis Turffery for being the absolutely incredible human being that he is, leading me all these years. You have been a true inspiration for not only me but the entire east family! As well as the beautiful Georgia Poulton for pushing me to be the best Unders host I could be all those years ago. Without that guidance who knows if I would still be in the position I am now.

I guess that’s everything from me, I cannot wait to see what this new journey holds!

Just remember East is beast

Sophie xxx
Kristine Catering Manager
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A long long time ago....7 and a half years to be precise I started my journey with Stockvale. I had recently moved cities and got the chance to work in Feelgoods, back of house, for the Christmas period. Skipping a bit forward turns out I was pretty good at it and enjoyed it way more than I ever thought I would. Something that was meant to be a temporary to get me by while I settle I'm the new city turned into a big part of my life.

By May I got promoted to team leader in the kitchen, which gave me more motivation and I realised I can achieve much more. With the support of great leaders and a fantastic team in the same year I went on to winning my 1st award as leaders leader. And from then with a lot of hard work, while still in Feelgoods I became supervisor and learnt all aspects of Feelgoods, including front of house, which helped to get to assistant manager and then acting manager and eventually went on to winning hosts manager award at Star Awards.

2 years ago I got offered a chance to move to Sands as the manager at the time was leaving. As sad as I was to be leaving the Feelgoods family and my work husband Lee, I couldn't say no to the opportunity of being able to learn more, take on a challenge and grow....and well something worked as I won another 2 awards as Manager's Leader and Most open to change in the 1st year there. Not only have I worked with the two restaurants I have bounced around a bit learning other catering outlets, how they run and other aspects of the catering department, spending most of our pandemic time in the Britannia this year.

I'll be very honest it's not always been the easiest road, but I do love what I do, I love the people I work with and the family I have gained, the opportunities. As a full manager now I can't wait to grow and learn even more and help my team grow to be the best that we can.

Obviously a massive thank you to James Gibbs and Courtney Bushell for being supportive and always giving me opportunities.
KayleighRides Acting Supervisor
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Well, where do I start!

I've been a part of the Adventure Island family since 2015 ( I can hear a certain some one calling me a boomer now😂), going straight into Cashiers with the wonderful Margaret as my leader. I instantly fell in love with it and made some friends I'll cherish forever!

I decided I wanted to join the leadership team in 2016, I was so determined! As most of you know it took me a few, well 10 attempts to become an acting leader. But I understood every time I had more learning to do, picked myself up and tried even harder. Well a year later I finally did it!

I became a full team leader in 2018 and got my own team! The west cashiers! The cashiers is honestly like my second home but I love it! All of the guys I've seen come and go over the years have motivated me so much to become a better leader. Wouldn't be here without all of you!

I'm now very excited and thankful to be stepping into a new role, acting supervisor! I am incredibly eager to learn some new things!

I would like to personally thank a few people so bear with 😂

Lucy, Holly, George, Noah, Lee, Shannon, Lottie, Josh, Joe, Hollie and Nathan - you guys have helped me so much over the years and have truly inspired me! Don't know where I'd be without you!

Jacob, you have no idea how much you inspired me when you ran Cashiers. Your coaching is one of the many reasons I was so determined to become a leader.

Melissa and Elysia, your support, help and coaching has been phenomenal! You two have no idea how much you inspire me! Thank you for everything! I cannot wait to see what you teach me next!

Jake L, Jake R and James, thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to achieve. You have all helped me through some tough, busy days and I am so thankful for the coaching and feedback you give.

I'd also like to thank my team. Every single West cashier has inspired me and helped me get to where I am today! From welcoming you into the family to seeing you blossom into confident, funny, wonderful people! You all have helped me learn, grow and get to where I am today. I love you all and I can't thank you enough!

I cannot wait to see where this new role takes me!

Christopher Catering Acting Assistant Manager
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I started working at Adventure Island at the age of 17, just as a part time role whilst at 6th form. My first role was making hot dogs and slush puppies at the mobile karts by Rage.

Following my first season I wanted to progress into a leadership role and worked closely with an amazing group or team leaders and senior managers to progress further as I always wanted to lead a team. After a season of being a team leader and working hard to improve I got promoted to Catering Supervisor at the Three Shells.

Shortly after it clicked that I wanted to stay within the company as there were great opportunities for progression and further learning. After another year I was promoted to Assistant Manager of the Three Shells.

Sadly two years ago I suffered a freak accident involving my hand playing football and even with the amazing support of the catering team and senior management, my physical and mental health deteriorated. I then left the company to pursue different avenues that were easier to manage since this accident.

After two years I had worked on myself to learn how to deal with the challenges my injury faced me and came back to Adventure Island as a Catering team leader. Since coming back I've been working hard again to improve and to progress again and I have recently been promoted up to acting Assistant Manager. I would just like to thank my amazing team and catering managers for all the support they have provided me since coming back and I'm now looking forward to a long and bright career within the Stockvale Group.

Kind regards,
Christopher Armes
HollyCustomer Services Acting Team Leader
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I started my journey at Adventure Island back in June 2015 where I was a ride host in Adventure Inside. I was very nervous, to begin with. After meeting more people I enjoyed working within the company and the people around me. I worked within the department until the end of the year.

I came back the following February with only a couple of months left until I turned 18 and moved over to the East overs department. It was a big change moving to a new and bigger department. Over the last bit of the summer, I had worked hard to show how much I have improved over the last couple of months. I had then applied for Team leader unfortunately at the time I wasn't ready, but I was invited to the leader sessions to learn and improve.

The next leader applications came around I applied and got offered the opportunity to join the Customer Services department. I had a meeting with James, Jordan and Kelsey about what the job entailed and it was also a getting to know who I was and who I was potentially going to be working with.

Once I got Customer service I was very excited to be learning a different role within the company. Over the last couple of years, I have had so much support from team members and leaders, especially within the last year where I have been working towards getting Team leader. I have a lot of support from people who have lead me, for example, Lara, Andrew, Jacob, Melissa Jake and Elysia they have all guided me and helped me in many different ways to get to where I am today.
JoeCatering Acting Team Leader
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I started at Adventure Island in June 2019 after I finished my GCSEs. I started of working in Diningsaurs where I first started to learn how to use the till. Then after about a month I moved to the Hotdog Bar where I developed these skills more and learnt how to cook. Then at the start of 2020 I moved to the Foodbar which I have worked at since and have absolutely loved it and have now been promoted to Acting Team Leader!

I want to thank James Gibbs, Courtney, Damian, Kai and all the other Managers and Leaders who have helped me progress to this role!
KaylaRides Acting Supervisor
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I started working at Adventure Island all the way back in September 2016 while studying for my A levels. I started as a Photos host and was promoted to the Photos Team Leader back in March 2017 after a lot of hard work and determination.

I started studying for my degree in Social Science in 2018 but have remained with the company during this time, working school and bank holidays! Over the past few years, I have also learn to lead the cashier departments, have taken the Adventure Golf and Ambassadors under my wing and have recently learnt the Treasury role!

I have gained so many valuable skills during my time working for Stockvale and what only started as a weekend job, has become a huge part of my life. I have made life-long friends and I’ve grown in confidence. I can’t thank all my managers enough for all the opportunities they have given me and thank you to all my friends within the leadership team who have made every moment a memorable one!

I was delight when I was informed I was being promoted to Acting Supervisor! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store❤️🎡🎢

Kind regards,
Kayla xxx
CourtneyCatering Head of Department
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I started as a till person in Jungle Jive in 2003 after being given the job from Andrew Renton. With the help of James Gibbs I was promoted to the supervisor of the Jungle Jive. After two years I was then promoted to an assistant manager of the jungle jive with more responsibility in the catering department. I come out of the jungle jive a couple of years later and started helping run all of the catering outlets and got made a manager. I have been helping James Gibbs in the running of the ever growing catering department and have now been made head of Catering.

The entire catering leadership team is like a big family and are all willing to help each other with everything and work well together.

I have completed and passed the professional certificate in management, food hygiene courses, personal alcohol courses and many other courses which has helped me progress within the company.

I would like to thank James Gibbs and all of the catering leaders for helping me to become the Head of Catering.
MasonPerformance Leader
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Hi Everyone!

Firstly I just want to say how grateful I am at being promoted to Acting Performance Leader. It’s a role I’ve always wanted to do whilst working at the Stockvale Group and very excited to get started!

My journey with the company began in 2014 when I returned home from university for the summer. I applied thinking it would be just a summer job, and how wrong I was. I fell in love with the work and the people who really feel like a family! I started as a Ride Host on East Overs, and under the leadership of Elysia, Andrew, Arron, Zoe and Charlotte, I quickly dominated the Stars Leagues, and won the Autumn Season of that year.

At the opening of the next season in 2015 I was promoted into the role of Acting Rides Team Leader on the East, learning East Unders, before very quickly being made a full Team Leader of East Overs. When Adventure Inside opened I was trained on all the Inside Rides, and continued to work throughout the year including Adventure Wonderland and working Inside during the weekdays on my days off from University.

In 2016, I learnt all the West Unders Rides and moved over to the West to become the Unders Team Leader which included Hollie and Lottie! In the summer of 2016 I trained alongside Arron to become the Park Rangers Leader before my departure from Stockvale in August 2016 to become a Freelance Stage Manager on Musicals and Plays.

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently closing theatres, I contacted James in July about returning to the Stockvale Group and without hesitation was offered a position as a Ride Host on West Overs A. Interesting fact, my first day back to Adventure Island this year was the exact same day I started in 2014! 20th July! I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am at the opportunity of returning to such a wonderful company and joining such a wonderful team! West As I adore you all.

I am thrilled to be joining Melissa, Kennedy, Ciaran, Lizzie, Connor, Emily and Lee in the Performance Leaders department and cannot wait to see everyone making our guests the happiest they have ever been, in the safest possible environment to ensure their regular return and recommendation to others!

Now go out there and HAVE FUN!
LeeCatering Manager
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I have been with Stockvale for a huge 12 years making me the longest serving Feelgoods member. Aside from this I have been on quite the journey and really do know everything about all things Stockvale. When i was just 16, I began working at our Sealife Adventure as a Catering host. I was a quick learner and soon was promoted to Supervisor this was down to my hard work and enthusiasm. When Feelgoods was built in 2011/12, I jumped at the chance to be Front of House Supervisor! I’ve never looked back. Over the years i learnt every aspect of Feelgoods... except the singing...I leave that to the professionals! Through embracing the Stockvale Culture, Vision, Mission and my dedication to the company I been promoted to Assistant Manager, Acting Manager and now progressed to a full Catering Manager. Not only have I enjoyed my time in Feelgoods, I have recently spent time assisting the other Adventure Island Catering outlets as well, this has been fun working along side different people and enjoying new challenges!

My Stockvale journey doesn’t just stop there through Stars Awards I have received multiple awards for Best Leaders Manager, Best Host Manager, The new Idea generator and crowned the Catering King. I’ve also been nominated for other various categories as well through this I feel I am a hugely valued member of our team and continue to inspire and motivate others to be the best they can be. For me my proudest moment is when I see hosts I’ve helped nurture become some of the best Leaders across Catering!

A special thanks goes out to Courtney, James, Lucy and Marc all playing a massive part mentoring me through the years which has helped get me to where I am today!