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Adventure Island has lots to offer but our thrilling and creative selection of rides has to be what we’re most known for! Whether you want the exhilarating breathlessness of our rollercoaster Rage, or the simple pleasures of a helter skelter – one of the oldest but most beloved rides in the park – we guarantee that there’s a ride you’ll want to go on over and over again! The best news is that our categories of rides are based on thrill-level and height, and you only have to pay for the rides that fit the level you or your family are comfortable with! Our ride wristbands work backwards as well, so if you’ve got a blue wristband, you can use the green and red band rides! To find out more about how the ride band system works click here.

Blue rides, over 1.2 metres tall, you can also ride on the green and red rides too at no extra cost

green rides, between 1m and 1.2m tall, you can also ride on the red rides too at no extra cost

Red rides, Under 1m tall must be accompanied by an adult. We recommend those between 1m and 1.2m tall are accompanied by an adult.

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