As a Sealife Admissions host, you are the first port of call for our guests. You will provide information on the prices and services of our aquarium, and make sure the guest is fully aware of what we have to offer.

Duties include:

Tills – selling and fitting the wristbands, cross-selling and up-selling 12-monthly passes, the restaurant and other Stockvale properties.

Gift Shop – interacting with guests as they browse for and buy souvenir(s) of their day, maintaining the stock levels and cleanliness of the shop, enhancing the guests day.

Booth – checking wristbands and providing information on the aquarium such as talk/feed lists, guide maps and activity sheets – and also be in charge of rewarding these activity sheets!In the gift shop, you will be expected to proactively engage with guests as they look for a souvenir of their day. This will include walking the shop and serving at the till point. You will be in charge of making sure the shop stays tidy and well-stocked throughout the day, letting senior members of staff know when stock is running low so it can be replenished. Sometimes you may have to work with incoming deliveries, which will include making sure that all new stock is passed on to management so it can be added to the till system, pricing and putting out stock as required.

On the booth, you are the gatekeeper to the aquarium. You will be in charge of checking every guest is wearing a valid wristband before permitting them entrance to the aquarium. You will be in charge of handing out relevant information to the guest such as the list of daily talks and feeds, a guide map and any extras available such as activity sheets and quizzes. During event weekends, you will also be required to explain the extra activities we have going on inside the aquarium to the guest. When the guests leave the aquarium, it is your job to greet them and provides an opportunity for upselling – mention the restaurant, gift shop and further talks/feeds we have in the day to encourage the guests to stay and enhance their experience. You will also be in charge of rewarding the completed activities with stickers (and other prizes depending on if there is an event running.)

On tills, you will more than likely be the first person the guest interacts with in their day with us. You will be in charge of working out the cheapest way for the guest to enter our aquarium, while also offering the chance to sign up for our great-value 12-monthly pass. You will be in charge of explaining how the all day wristband works – what our closing and last admissions times are, how many times they can visit, upselling later talks and feeds to encourage revisiting. You will also be in charge of letting the guests know the whereabouts of fundamental facilities they will need – entrance to the aquarium, toilets, restaurant etc.