As a member of the Displays team, the Talks Host role is all about fulfilling the edu-tainment side of things! Edu-tainment is our word for educational entertainment, as not only are you providing a memorable experience for the guest, you are enriching their knowledge on marine life and conservation – a very important job!

The role of a Talks Host is all about independent, pro-active engagement with guests. You will be the port of call for any guest questions about the exhibits in the aquarium and are expected to have a full knowledge of marine life found in the aquarium. With this knowledge, not only will you be expected to approach guests and talk to them while carrying out your duties, but also to present public talks and encounters. These talks can last anywhere between 10-20 minutes and are expected to include relevant information to the area you are displaying, but also lots of guest interaction to enhance their day – entertainment + education!

There are a variety of designated areas that talks will occur in throughout the day including:

        • Tropical
        • Predators
        • Seahorse/Shrimpfish
        • Turtle
        • Scale Trail
        • Sea Nursery
        • Rockpool
        • Ray
        • Penguin
        • Otter
        • Meerkat
        • Piranha
        • Shark

General Duties:

At Sealife Adventure, there is always a job to be done, so if you’re ever stuck at a loose end feel free to ask your area manager if there’s anything to be done! As well as the duties explained above, you will also be required to do extra jobs in keeping with the maintenance of the establishment. These duties may include cleaning, running errands as per the request of management, helping out other departments (if cross-trained and the need arises) and more.