Here you can see the different vacancies available, all the information you need including rates of pay and ‘The Perks’ and you can also apply online.


Our main recruitment drive is December to July– We recommend applying as early as you can, because it can be extremely competitive!

Extrovert, Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Lively, Energetic… These five words best describe the type of person we, at Adventure Island, are looking for! So if that sounds like you and you are over 16 years old, officially left school and have taken your GCSE’s… You could be our sort of person!

Our mission is to “To make our guests happiest they have ever been within the safest possible environment, to ensure their regular return and recommendation to others!” That can only happen through our incredibly enthusiastic staff, who are committed to deliver fun, laughter, joy, happiness and magic all day long. They are schooled in the exquisite art of entertainment! And put through their paces when it comes to the serious business of health & safety, where every team member is coached and assessed on a daily basis.

And now for the perks…


Happy staff = happy guests, and you’ll do well to find a team as happy as ours! Maybe that’s why we’re a Top-5 Attraction on TripAdvisor! Working for Stockvale isn’t just a job – it’s an experience! Stockvale staff are a community as close as family meaning that you will make life-long bonds and memories you’ll never forget. Of course you may have your own commitments such as education, but we can offer flexible working hours around your lifestyle so you won’t have to sacrifice too much.

We get that you’ll be working hard, so we make room for fun outside of work too! For example, last year we held our own events just before summer. Some of these included Stockvale Sports Day, Official Stockvale Football Tournament and Staff Arcade Tournament!

Every year we host our Star Awards, which is an Annual Awards Ceremony to thank our staff members for the hard work through out the year. The awards are voted for by our very own staff and the event is free to all departments. It is the event of the year and is an opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy an evening with your team!

Bonus Reward System – The Stars League

As  a Stockvale Employee you are rewarded for all of your hard work through our reward system known as The Stars League.

No matter what department you work on there are amazing monetary bonuses up for grabs.

The Stars League rewards the top 175 members of staff quarterly up to £1000.

On top of this there is the opportunity to win £1500 for the top host of the Overall Season (January – September).

Last years winner was 17 year old Ride Host Bobby who walked away with a total of £2675 and Back of house host Kai Trigg, also winning £2675.

We understand there are a number of different roles within the company including back and front house positions so our Stars League takes this into consideration. The Top back of house host within our catering department also receives the opportunity to win up to £1500 for the overall season.

Daily the top 20% of hosts are reward meal vouchers to get a FREE lunch in Stockvales Top Restaurants (if you are not in the Top 20% you receive an amazing 50% off as an employee).

 For those looking to progress into Leadership positions the bonuses don’t stop there – the top Leader of the season receives up to £1400.

All success is celebrated by all departments, Hosts, Leaders, Managers and Directors at the end of the season at our Stockvale Star Awards!

Staff Discounts

As if this wasn’t enough, we also give our staff members massive discounts on outlets throughout Stockvale. Whether that’s minimum 50% off of food and drink at Adventure Island or seeing Penguins and Sharks at Sealife Adventure for just £5, there’s big savings to be made for you!


Adventure Island Wristbands
Sealife Adventure Admission
Three Shells Cafe (Incl. Sealife)
Adventure Island Food Outlets
Sands by the Sea
Feelgoods Pizza|Pasta|Play
Pavillion Fish & Chip Emporium
The Green Confectionary Parlour
Adventure Golf
Photo Souvenirs
Sealife Adventure Merchandise
Clarence Yard

Minimum Discount

£8 Each (4 per month)
£6.25 Each (Unlimited)



Stockvale offers many opportunities for growth and development. All of our promotion opportunities are released internally, giving all of our team the chance to further their abilities. Working for Stockvale truly offers the potential for a life long career.

Below are some stories from our very own team members who have achieved a promotion within Stockvale, and the stories of their journey within the company:




“Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be an Adventure Island Ride Host! I started college and I was finally ready to apply; so I did and after being successful I was offered a job – at Sealife Adventure. I didn’t even know at this point that the Aquarium was part of Adventure Island and truth be told I was shocked, scared and gutted I wouldn’t be operating rides. Although I never had Sealife in mind I wouldn’t change my department, my team or managers for the world. I continued as a Sealife host for 2 seasons and as time went on I realised that I wanted to progress further in the company as had enjoyed my time within Sealife and had the desire to learn more and lead a team the way in which I was led, and I eventually was fortunate to be selected as a Performance Leader. During my time in the PL role I have had the opportunity perform in other job roles such as completing interviews and inductions, leadership sessions, helping to organise The Stockvale Star Awards and working in many areas across the company. The role has taught me several things and helped build my confidence and ability to talk to large groups. I am extremely grateful for all the guidance and look forward for this to continue as I continue my education in teaching as well as completing my new role as Performance Leader Supervisor.

– Melissa, Performance Acting Assistant Manager at Adventure Island


Back in school I struggled with many academic subjects which made school considerable harder. Very early on I was told I had dyslexia and gaining no help or support from the school, I struggled to find what I was good at or even enjoyed. I finish school gaining good GCSE’s due to hard study and commitment and moved onto college. My school days may be irrelevant to work however, the point I was making is never let struggle define you, never let it push you down in life and make you feel inadequate. If you want something work for it, you will appreciate the outcome as I have and I feel so proud I didn’t let the setbacks in school, set me back in what I was good at now. When I was promoted I couldn’t be happier. 

Stockvale, you have all supported me throughout and I have never felt a point where I have been on my own and had no guidance. I feel I have a bond with you all and I can confidently say I’m so happy to have the best team ever! “

Jenny, Acting Manager at The Three Shells



“In the summer of 2017, at the age of 16, I made my application to Adventure Island, signing my very first contract in early July. In all honesty, I found my first few days very challenging, considering I was quite quiet, lacked in confidence and never really saw myself ever having a job quite like this one, causing me to doubt my own decisions. But after my first couple weeks I began to enjoy what I was doing; my confidence was improving, and I was making a lot of new friends. My journey at Adventure Island so far has been amazing, leading me to push boundary’s and achieve things I never would have seen myself doing.

Mt first season was a huge confidence boost for me then the very next year I achieved two 1st place finishes along with two 2nd place finishes (coming second to two of the best hosts I have ever seen and who I strived to be as good as, if not better) along with me having a very, very successful Star Awards evening, with my amazing department finishing 2nd overall and winning 8 out of the 10 awards I had been nominated for by the absolutely amazing colleagues and friends that have helped me throughout this tremendous journey.

And now all of this has led me to start a completely new adventure after following my promotion to an acting team leader, which I am incredibly grateful for. I hope that all the skills that I have learnt, all the coaching I have received and all the amazing help I have been given can allow me to me to become the best that I can be as an acting team leader.”

– Bobby, Acting Team Leader, 2018 Stars League Top Scoring Host




“I  started in July 2016 as ride host for West Overs as one of my first real jobs. One day Jake Lewis (now my Acting Assistant Manager) approached me asking what my plan is and have I thought of leader, after spending the day thinking about those words I decided from that day on I was going to become a Team Leader. I then spent the Spring League proving I was a top performer pushing myself to the limit with Jake Lewis by my side. Then June comes around where I then received the position of Acting Team Leader. The past year has been an upward climb where I have reached good level of leading capacity, however I am ever looking to improve myself for the better of the team and the company.

Education achievements through the company include, First Aid, IOSH and Fire Marshall. To all my leaders and team mates you are the ones that make this job what it is – so thank to you.”

 – Jack,  Rides Team Leader


“February 2011 I applied for what I thought was going to be a summer job to get me through collage. I became a Ride Host at the young age of 17 and had a great season learning all the rides; I enjoyed it so much that I kept coming back. After two seasons of Ride Host under my belt my third season came around and I became Rides Acting Team leader, after a few months I became Rides Team Leader and had my own team to work with. Fast forward another two seasons and with a lot more experience I had left the rides behind and became a Performance Leader, I went on to learn a few other departments and in turn how to score them. Being a Performance Leader was my path for around 2 ½ years and we are now in mid-2017 which is when I became the Acting Supervisor of the Treasury department, this was when I started learning a whole other side to Stockvale and a new set of skills. After a few months’ work and getting to grips with the job it was now the end of 2017 and I became Treasury Supervisor. I have spent the past year as Treasury Supervisor and am very excited to start 2019 as the Treasury Acting Assistant Manager, all the different roles I have done have played a big part in helping me get to where I am now and just a quick thank you to Marc Miller, James Miller and even Jake Redfearn for the guidance and support over the past year and I can’t forget my little treasury team for being such a pleasure to work with.”

Zoe, Treasury Acting Assistant Manager


I started in the park back in June 2016 and in the last 2 years I cannot explain enough how much I have learnt from everyone on my Stockvale journey. I originally started on the department on Rides West Overs, I have had many inspirational mentors on my journey, but one in particular needs a special mention Mr Jake Lewis. After training under his guidance and leadership I progressed to earning a promotion to the Customer Service Team in April 2017.  I continued my journey in January 2018 to become Acting Team Leader of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing to which I have just been promoted to Full Team Leader. I have had so much inspiration thrown my way from Operations Director James Miller in this past year and I cannot thank all my mentors enough for giving me the resilience and rigor that I have today.  

I only hope to have many more fruitful years with the Stockvale Company. “

Thomas, Team Leader


Jobs Available

We are always on the lookout for anyone who can join our outstanding company-wide teams, such as Ride hosts, Arcade Hosts and Cashiers etc.

You are in a customer facing job and your basic job description is the same in all departments. Our product/service is fun, laughter, joy, happiness and magic and it is in your hands to deliver it! Please read the following job description and answer whether you feel you can carry out our requirements for your entire shift, which could be anything up to 12 hours per day (for over 18s):

    • Welcome guests with warmth, positivity and friendliness and the same when they leave
    • Pro-actively interact with customers where possible
    • Display positive body language showing energy and enthusiasm at all times
    • Communicate with customers using appropriate, primarily park related, small-talk
    • Communicate with customers with an enthusiastic, energetic, positive, friendly and warm tone of voice
    • Energising the customers
    • Keeping the queues to a minimum by working efficiently
    • Working safely at all times to ensure customers are confident with the attractions
    • Have a broad knowledge of the park to answer any customer enquires
    • Cleaning

Please see below for some more specific vacancies that are currently available. If you would like to apply for one of these in particular, please state this on your application.


For more information please select the department of interest…

Adventure Island


Retail & Photos









 Customer Services

Sales & Bookings

Sealife Adventure





Talks Host


Customer Services

Sales & Bookings

Stockvale Restaurants



Back of House

Bar Staff

Feelgoods Singers

Pay Rates

16-17: £5.60

18-20: £7.28

21-24: £8.63

25+: £9.20

Rates above include holiday pay per hour of 12.07%. Rates are correct from 1st January 2019

For information regarding our gender pay gap, please click here.


Now this is where the fun really starts! If you like what you’ve seen, think you’ve got what it takes and want to join the Stockvale family, it’s all plain sailing here on out. Simply click either of the buttons below to send an online appilcation or download a PDF application form!
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Good luck!

Useful Links

Want to find out some more information about Stockvale? Or perhaps you want to research us before you apply or attend an interview. Below is a list of links that may be helpful!

Find out more about us and our history: www.adventureisland.co.uk/about-us

Find out more about how Stockvale helps the local community: www.adventureisland.co.uk/community

Find out our latest news and information: www.facebook/adventureislandsouthend

For your interview you will need to bring a Passport and/or a Full Birth Certificate and National Insurance Number Letter or Card. With help obtaining a National Insurance Number Letter please use the following link:  https://www.gov.uk/topic/personal-tax/national-insurance