Stockvale Ltd
Filming & Photography

Thank you for your interest in filming with Stockvale.

In order for us to decide if we are able to facilitate your filming project, and what costs will need to be incurred, we ask you to answer as fully as possible a series of logistical questions about your requirements. Please find these on the form below.

There are certain restrictions when filming with Stockvale, so when filling out the form please bear in mind the following points:

Points to note:

You will be required to sign a copy of the Stockvale filming contract before your arrival at the site to undertake any filming.

Please note that we require this form, completed in full, to be returned to us no less than 10 days before you wish the filming to take place. If you return the form less than 10 days before your proposed filming date, then it is unlikely that we will be able to facilitate your filming.

We are also unable to give you an accurate cost for your filming until this form has been completed in full. Additional filming requested later will be subject to a separate charge.

Please note that the fee will be based on the amount of verbal or on-screen credit given to Stockvale in the final production. The credit and/or use of the company logo must make it clear that the location is the relevant Stockvale company in Southend on Sea, as opposed to any other attraction.

For queries, please call us on 01702 443400.

Filming Contact Form