Meet the Adventure Island Characters!

Adventure Island has an assortment of fun and quirky characters that you might get lucky enough to meet during your visit! Let’s meet the crew!

Snappy the Crocodile!

Snappy is one of the most well-known and loved characters at Adventure Island. This friendly croc is often seen roaming the park in good weather, creating great smiles wherever he goes! But watch out, he’s got a cheeky side to him that could cause chaos!

Captain Rageman!

Adventure Island’s very own superhero! When Captain Rageman isn’t fighting crime and spreading goodness, he likes to hang out with his friends at Adventure Island. He likes nothing more than posing for a photo, showing off his massive muscles – why not challenge him to a flex-off?

Jakey & Jan!

Jakey & Jan are two very cheeky monkeys who were part of the original ‘Jungle Jive Gang’, introduced to meet & greet at very special birthday parties. They loved this so much that they can often be seen on their own meet & greets around the park, so be sure to say hello and get a photo with them!