City Wheel

Take in the great views and the amazing light show on our City Wheel.

Adventure Island is proud to announce the arrival of a new Southend icon, the City Wheel. Named in recognition of Southend-on-Sea achieving city status after the tragic death of Sir David Amess MP who tirelessly campaigned for this to happen. Southend became a City on 1st March 2022 with a visit from His Royal Highness Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Adventure Island celebrated this with the opening of the City Wheel on Saturday 17th December 2022 by Anna Firth MP who now holds Sir Davids Southend West seat.

The City Wheel stands at an impressive 36 metres tall and has sweeping views over Southend City and the Thames Estuary. On a clear day it’s even possible to see Canary Wharf and the London skyscraper skyline!

The City Wheel joins the family-friendly group of rides that allows a person of 14 years or over to ride free when accompanying a child under 120cms tall.

There are 24 gondolas that can hold up to 6 people. One of the gondolas are adapted for wheelchair users.

The most impressive feature of the City Wheel, apart from the great views, is its amazing light show! It truly needs to be seen at night to experience the ‘dancing’ lights as the giant wheel turns.

The City Wheel is sure to be a popular hit with all the family, young and old!


Please note:

There is no minimum height restriction.
All riders under 120cm must be accompanied by a responsible person of 14 years or above, who rides free of charge.
Any rider over 120cm in height may ride alone but are not entitled to have a free accompanying adult with them.
Guests need to be self-supporting to ride The City Wheel.

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