You can buy your 12-Monthly Pass online today, but it will not start until you register at the park. It is then valid for a whole 12 months until the same day the following year. You can also buy, register and use your 12-Monthly Pass all on the same day!

If you enjoy your day so much and only have a wristband do not worry we will give you 7 days to upgrade to a 12-Monthly Pass! For more information please call customer services on 01702 443400

What’s more, if we have to close due to government restrictions, we will add any time lost on to the end of your of your pass so you will never lose any time!

Buy your Annual Pass today!

Adventure Island Annual Pass

The Adventure Island pass is your key to unlock unlimited fun for a whole 12 months! It allows access to all rides that you are tall enough to go on as many times as you want, every day for a whole year.

If you buy this online, you will be able to activate it on your first visit and you will get 12 months of use from that date!

Adventure Inside Annual Pass

For just £15 (£2.50 more than the price of 1 visit), you can have unlimited use of the Adventure Inside rides and soft-play for a whole 12 months!

Sealife Adventure Annual Pass

For less than the price of a second visit, you can enjoy the South East’s premier aquarium attraction whenever you want, for a whole year! With new displays happening throughout the year, you’ll always see something new and exciting!

You can find out more on Sealife’s website by clicking here!

Your 12-Monthly Pass can reduce your food & drink bill by 20% at all of our catering establishments. So whether you’re dining out with your friends and family, or grabbing a bite to eat on a visit to the park, you will receive 20% off your whole bill. It’s the tastiest card ever!

Bite to eat at the park

If you’re visiting Adventure Island and are looking to grab a bite to eat, you’ll be able to get discounts at all of these take-away outlets without having to leave the park!

  • Chips with Dips
  • Candy Cottage
  • Pan’s Pancakes
  • Candy Shack
  • The Island Eatery
  • Hot Dog Kiosk
  • Hot Dog Bar
  • Traditional Fish & Chip Shop
  • The Green Takeaway
  • Ice Sluch Karts

Dining out for less

Whether you’re in the park or around Southend and fancy an eat-in meal, you can get 20% off of your entire bill at the following restaurants! Click on the names to find out more information about each restaurant!

Did we mention discounts?!

There are lots more discounts to be had with your pass at Adventure Island and Sealife Adventure! There’s a pretty good rule of thumb: If you’re paying for anything in Adventure Island or Sealife Adventure – get out your pass and save some money! Here are some specifics:

  • 20% off your friends ride wristbands!
  • 20% off your friends ride tickets!
  • 50% off Dodgems, Go-Karts and Adventure Golf!
  • 20% off purchases in the Adventure Island Gift Shop!
  • 20% off food & drink!
  • 20% off souvenir ride photos!
  • At least 20% off our Christmas experience, Adventure Wonderland!
  • 20% off Sands by the sea
  • 50% off Sealife Adventure Admission!
  • 20% off Sealife Adventure Gift Shop
  • 20% off Three Shells at Sealife Adventure
  • 20% off Tournament of Gamers Gamecards
  • 20% off Clarence Yard
  • 20% off Britannia
  • 20% off Feelgoods

The Grown-Ups Pass is a half-price annual pass, which allows an adult at least 18 years of age to accompany a child over 120cm who is 8 years old of younger. It’s set up in the adult’s details, so the adult can then accompany any child on the day!

It’s the ultimate help-out for the accompanying adults!

Pop down to Adventure Island or contact Customer Services for more information or to purchase your Grown-Ups pass.

Does the Adventure Island pass include Adventure Inside?
Yes, the Adventure Island anual pass includes use of Adventure Inside all year round as standard. This includes both the rides and soft play areas

If I buy my pass online, when will it start?
Adventure Island and Adventure Inside passes purchased online do not start until the booking is redeemed and the passes are set up. This allows you to purchase your passes online and get a full 12 months of use from whenever you like.

Can I include Dodgems and Golf with my pass?
No, but you will get a 50% discount on these attractions, as long as you show your Annual Pass at the point of purchasing them.

Can I upgrade a wristband to an Annual pass?
Yes. If you have visited Adventure Island and wish to upgrade to an Annual pass, we will take off the relevant price of your wristband from the pass. This can be done up to 8 days past the date of your visit.

Adventure Inside 12 Monthly Pass

Start your 12 months of indoor fun with our Adventure Inside 12-monthly pass!

Now you can enjoy your 12-monthly pass 363 days a year thanks to our brand new Adventure Inside 12-monthly pass – and keep all the discounts and perks of our full Adventure Island 12-Monthly Passes!

For just £15 (£2.50 more than the price of 1 visit), you can have unlimited use of the Adventure Inside rides and soft-play for a whole 12 months!

Purchase your Adventure Inside 12-Monthly Pass today!